Where Our Journey Started 2014 - 2018
WhatWide Labs started out as a social network that started development in 2014 and lasted until its final beta version in 2018. 'Whatwide' was a mobile/desktop-only hybrid platform inspired by existing social networks with a Q+A section for each profile, photo splash-marking & many other features in development.
Where We Are Now - 2023
In early 2022, we created the idea of an NFT collection based off the piqued intertest from the Millennial generation in NFTs/Web3. So, decided to create a non-fungible token that offers exclusive access to a relaunch of a new social network oriented towards NFTs and Web3 culture.
The Future of MMSC & WhatWide Labs
After the creation of our non-fungible token (MMSC) Millennial Man Social Club, we created a parent company, WhatWide Labs. This new addition will focus on projects in the Web2/Web3 space. Click the button below to visit our website.